Over all, our aims are to create Higher Quality, Organic,Vegan Foods and Health Supplements that help people, animals and nature to live much healthier and happier lives.

A large majority of the food industry today produces price competitive products that are grown with the use of pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, GMOS, Hormones, preservatives and overly unprocessed or unnatural ingredients. Another danger that is fast approaching is the use of Nanotech to “enhance” biological processes. Not only are these many methods and ingredients unhealthy for ourselves, to animals and to the greater environment of which we are a part but they are also Cancer causing and contribute to many other long term, health related complications. The Environment and animals also suffer greatly as a result of these practices and so we decided to create alternatives for the market that will give people better choices.

The amazing results of people transitioning to Vegetarian and Vegan diets are already being seen throughout the world. Disease factors are greatly diminished or completely eradicated when people transition to more plant based diets. The positive benefits for the environment are also staggering.

In many countries and places throughout the world there are few, truly balanced, vegetarian and vegan alternatives in the market place. We encourage people to eat less meat each week and to see how this feels. This is where we come into the picture; by producing healthier alternatives that are available in the market, people will more easily be able to make these kinds of dietary choices. Not only will people be able to chose differently but they will also find that these foods are delicious, healthy and that they provide more sustaining energy.

Our commitment is to always pursue the highest of Quality Ingredients which are ethically and environmentally sourced. If an ingredient we have is not certified organic then it is at least tested to be free from harmful pesticides and heavy metals.