Our Elderberry Syrup is ALL ORGANIC.
Elderberry has been used for Millenia in a variety of ways but is most known these days for its Strong Immune Enhancing properties against Cold and Flu. Each ingredient listed below has its own noteworthy variety of health benefits. Combining these creates an effective Cold and Flu remedy, but also helps to cleanse and restore a healthy digestive function, which is where Health begins. Our elderberry syrup is formulated to help people be healthy, happy and resilient.


Original Formula: Elderberries* (Sambucus Nigra), Raw Honey*, Vepriai Spring Water, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Cinnamon*, Clove*, Ginger*, Turmeric*,

Price : 10 eur 150 ml

Other products :

At this time, Elderberry Syrup is our first product.

We have two formulas: Original Formula and Breathe Easy + Vit C Amalaki.

We are currently working on developing a wider range of products.


150 ml


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